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How to calculate spread betting dfs sleepers nfl

Wednesday 7st, December 2:51:42 Pm
What is Against the Spread and Spread Betting.


This video shows you how to calculate your profit after accounting for the spread. Learn how to calculate margins here.

Spread betting using margin is not necessarily for everyone and you should ensure you understand the risks involved and if necessary seek independent professional advice before placing any spread bets.

See our spread betting guides to further your learning. Practise trading risk-free with virtual funds on our Next Generation platform. Learn how to spread bet in six steps and take a look at examples of spread betting on shares, forex, cryptocurrencies, indices and commodities.

When you spread bet, you are speculating on the future direction of a market’s price. If you expect an asset’s price to rise, you’d open a position to buy’ and if you expect an asset’s price to fall, you’d opt to sell’.

Take a look at some specific examples, including How to spread bet stocks. Leverage magnifies your exposure because your profitloss will be calculated according to the full size of your trade in this case, How to spread bet on shares example.

You decide to spread bet on shares and open a position on Barclays stock, which is currently trading at. It is very important for every investor to learn how to calculate the bid-ask spread and consider this figure when making investment decisions. For a quick calculation of the cost of the spread as a percentage of margin or equity, simply multiply the spread percentage by the degree of leverage.

For example, if the spread in the above case was 5 pips, and the amount of leverage was, the cost of the spread as a percentage of the margin deposit is as much as x 50. I was applying a spread betting formulae to calculate the profit margin. But I’m not sure that I’m doing it in right way. Here is the question, if Manchester ci. You are saying that City has won by a 2 goal difference.

Here the betting spread formulae to calculate the profit. As is difference of 2 goals and you bought with 10 per goals. So, 2 goals x 10goal Report 0 0 6 years, 1 months ago. You’ve probably heard about spread betting, but may have been put off by how complicated it looks. But, it’s one of the most exciting methods of betting.

This is because the more right you are, the more money you could win. And, well, the more wrong you are, the more money you could lose. But if you have the appetite for big wins, and can stomach the risk of big losses, this spread betting tutorial will help. If you aren’t sure what spread betting is, read our full guide here. Remember always calculate your potential losses before placing your bets.

Download our matched betting glossary to make sure you’ve got the lingo down. How to place an each way bet step by step. How to make money betting a step by step guide. About the author Jenna OddsMonkey. Spread Betting Size Calculator free tool to calculate bet size in spread betting.

It can help you enhance your money management and control the risks you take. Spread bet size does not depend on the currency pair you trade or even your account currency, so it is pretty straightforward.

The formula is bet size money risked stop-loss amount. Please do not confuse this calculator for spread betting position size with spot Forex position size calculator. You can set the risk as percentage of your account or as some specific amount of money. You can just fill the small form below and press the "Calculate" button.

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Hi, I recently set up a tradefair spread betting account, and plan to open a trade next week, but on tradefair it doesnt calculate the minimummaximum margin just gives the, whereas IG Index gives you the amount you need in your account.

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I just cant get my head round how to calculate how much i need to have in my account and how far in points this will let me lose.

I am a private investor trading in the conventional way but find it awkward working this out, am i right that if you bet 10 per point on a share costing p you have a leverage of, so if the minimum margin is 25 then. The spread in Spread Betting refers to the difference between the buy or ask price and the sell or bid price.

Unlike CFD trading, Spread Betting doesn’t involve trading lots of currency or a number of shares. Instead, you buy or sell a certain amount of the instrument you are trading, which is referred to as your stake. Spread Betting is a leveraged product. This means that you can open a larger position without having to put up the full capital. Your profit or loss is then calculated by multiplying your stake by the number of points the market moves.

The Benefits of Spread Betting. Profit Accumulator's spread betting calculator is one of the more advanced tools available to members. It can be used for Sporting Index and Spreadex and allows users to calculate their overall position based on buy and sell prices, risk amount and stake override. It is one of eight advanced calculators available to PA members. There is also the functionality to add your own lay stake to adjust the calculation, if needed.

Members can calculate how much they should lay, what the liability will be and the qualifying loss as a percentage. The DDHH calculator takes the information to display the amount of profit if a player scores first, scores twice or scores a hat-trick.

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Each spread betting trading ticket requires a bet size, or 'stake' size. The bet size is important as the value is multiplied by every point that price moves in your favour - or not - to determine your profit or loss. To see the best way how spread betting works, let's look at a full spread betting trading example.

Spread Betting Explained A Long Trade on FTSE In this example, we will assume the underlying market price of the FTSE stock market index is To calculate your profit in your spread betting account, you simply multiply your bet size by the number of points you have gained.

In this example, 5 per point multiplied by 93 points profit, equals a total monetary profit of Scenario 2 A Losing Trade. PointsBet Spread Betting Calculator. This spread betting calculator determines the impact of the maximum loss setting on payoffs for spread bets.

The calculator is specific to the Australian-licensed spread betting bookmaker PointsBet. Spread betting is a form of wagering that pays a variable amount depending on the accuracy of your prediction compared to the bookmaker’s spread. This in contrast to fixed odds betting, which pays a set amount if a certain criterion is met.

Balance withheld this field is used to calculate the stake. The calculator will set the stake to a value that equates the closest to with outgoing over the amount withheld from your account balance until the bet is settled. Withheld calculation your options are. Knowing how to convert betting odds into implied probabilities is fundamental for betting as it helps you assess the potential value on a particular market.

Once converted, if the implied probability is less than your assessment, then it represents betting value. The most common odds formats are decimal, American and fractional. The formulas below explain how to convert odds to implied probabilities.

Now you understand how to calculate the implied probability behind the odds, you can identify potential value in a betting market. If the bookmakerexchange implied probability is less than your own assessed probability, that outcome represents a value betting opportunity. How to calculate expected value in betting.

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The word "spread" has several different meanings in investing, and can apply to stocks, bonds, or options. Here's a rundown of the various uses of the term, and how each type of spread can be calculated. Bid-ask spread When you check a stock quote, in addition to the last trade price, you'll see two other prices known as the "bid" and the "ask." The bid price represents the highest price someone is currently willing to pay for the stock, while the ask price represents the lowest price someone is willing to sell the stock for. How spread is calculated when trading in the FOREX market.

First, remember that in the forex markets investors’ trade one currency for another.

Therefore, currencies are quoted in terms of their price in another currency. In order for this information to be easily expressed, currencies are always quoted in pairs.

The first currency is called the base and then the second currency is called the counter. Since the spread is just a number, we now need to know how to relate the spread into Dollars and Cents. The good news here is that if you can actually find the spread, finding this figure is very mathematically straight forward and simple once you have identified pip cost and the number of lots you are trading. Point spread bets are actually really easy to understand when you see them in practice.

Let’s look at an example that should clear everything up. Let’s say that the Jacksonville Jaguars and playing against the Miami Dolphins. In the next section, we’re going to talk about how point spread bets are paid out and how to calculate your potential winnings. Now that you fully understand what it takes to win a point spread bet, let’s talk about how the sportsbook makes money and why that is important.

If you recall from our discussion on moneyline bets, the sportsbook will alter the payouts to bring in the desired amount of money they want on each side of the bet.

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These spread betting examples that show you how we calculate your trade based on spread size and margin requirement. They show the potential profit or loss that could be made, based on theoretical trades. Our price for Barclays shares is Bid and Offer.

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Our spread on this bet is each way, in addition to the underlying market spread.

You decide to go short at 10 a point. You place a limit order of p and a stop loss of p. 1 per point on a UK share is equivalent to shares. Your margin is calculated as x. Spread bets are all traded the same way, no matter the asset type. In this article, we will cover how to go about spread betting in 4 simple steps a Asset direction. Getting the asset direction correct. This is dependent on using a profitable strategy. The asset direction is at the core of the success of spread betting because one of the parameters used in calculating profits or losses in spread bets is the number of points by which the asset has moved.

In order to successfully predict the direction in which an asset will head, you must use technical and fundamental analyses. Technical analysis relies on charts and is used to detect possible entry and exit points. Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, focuses on the news for instance, earning reports of a company.

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In sports spread betting, punters bet on whether a specified outcome in an event e.g. Total corners will end up being above or below a range called the spread’. The profit or loss is determined by how right’ or how wrong’ you were. Sports Spread Betting Odds Explained. With fixed odds betting you know before placing a bet what you stand to win or lose. It’s simple you place a fixed-risk stake at the specified odds and you either a make a profit based on those odds, or b lose your entire stake.

There are no other outcomes, unless for some reason. Spread betting is a form of trading that allows you to buy and sell a range of financial instruments without actually owning the asset. Instead, you are simply speculating on whether the price of the asset will go up or down. For example, let’s say that you wanted to invest in oil. By doing this through a spread betting platform, you would not be required to own or store the asset. However, spread betting is different from other forms of trading due to the way that your stake is calculated.

Let’s take a look at a quick example so that you can see how a spread betting trade would be structured. Note The risks of spread betting should not be understated. You stand the chance of losing your entire investment, so do tread with caution. Bond spreads, and particularly credit spreads, are related to the perceived risk of investing in a bond.

That is, the risk that the issuer the foreign entity or corporation that backs the bond will not make payments on that bond as promised. As the risk increased, the credit spread also increases. Spreads are then higher for less reliable corporation and developing nations.[10].

Determine the credit spread for a bond you are considering investing in. The size of the spread will help you get an idea of the risk that the market believes the bond carries.

Bond rating agencies, like Moody's.

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I'm trying to calculate the spread on a bet.

People are telling me it's either 10 absolute or 17 relative. I'm failing to see how to get either number. Bet is below Context Which stock will end up more - wise by the end of The options are either to buy Stock A at or to buy Stock B at against. I see on Stock A side payout, which means if you bet on Stock A you get rewards, if you bet on Stock B you get rewards. I see lay on Stock B, so if you bet on Stock B you get rewards, if you bet on Stock A you get rewards. Spread betting the financial markets can seem confusing without prior knowledge.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Find out how spread betting works. announced.us Does Spread Betting Work. Some traders and investors are a bit reluctant to venture into the world of financial spread betting, simply because it’s a financial market that they’re unfamiliar with. However, the fact is that the spread betting process is one of the simplest types of financial trading there is, much less complex than, for example, the practice of writing options.

In this article we’re going to explain exactly how spread betting works, complete with examples of spread bets. Before we get into that though, let’s briefly recap exactly what spread betting is. Spread to Moneyline Converter. The betting odds calculator allows you to input your stake odds in American, Decimal, or Fractional formats to quickly calculate the payout for your bets. Trading the financial markets is no longer just for city professionals, bankers and brokers.

You can use Spread Betting to speculate on the future direction of market prices, enabling you to potentially profit, irrespective of whether market prices are rising or falling. Spread Betting is a leveraged product which means that you are only required to initially deposit a small amount of money to place a trade.

However, the higher the stake, the more money you need as a deposit known as margin to place that trade. It is important therefore that you make sure you have enough funds to place the trade. The margin requirement is calculated as This means that to trade 5 per point on the UK you need to have a minimum of in your account.

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Spread betting is any of various types of wagering on the outcome of an event where the pay-off is based on the accuracy of the wager, rather than a simple "win or lose" outcome, such as fixed-odds or money-line betting or parimutuel betting. A spread is a range of outcomes and the bet is whether the outcome will be above or below the spread.

Spread betting has been a major growth market in the UK in recent years, with the number of gamblers heading towards one million. Spread Betting is a trading method in which a trader is placing a bet on the price movement of a specific financial instrument. This trading method is tax free and is available for UK and Ireland residents only. Enjoy competitive spreads high leverage.

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Usually when placing a bet, you are looking for a particular outcome. For example, if you expect your favorite team to win the match, then you will place a bet for it to win. There are only two possible outcomes for this.

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Sports Spread Betting is without doubt the most exciting form of sports betting available. Here, we address some key topics and answer 3 Make sure you know exactly what the market is and how the result is calculated. Most of our markets are intuitive but some are more complex to find out how a market works use the i’ symbol next to. Calculating probability with betting odds Find out how likely a result is based on the odds the bookmaker offers.

Calculating winnings from betting odds Learn how much you could potentially win on your wager with some simple calculations.

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Knowing your odds and returns We’ll guide you through how all the different types of odds line up and what that means for your potential returns.

They are a form of spread betting, meaning the success is based on the accuracy of the wager rather than a win-lose outcome. Handicaps range from one-quarter goals to several and eliminate the possibility of a draw outcome. This means that while this form of betting does create more options, it actually simplifies the outcome to two rather than three possibilities. Betting odds allow you to calculate how much money you will win if you make a bet.

Let’s use the same examples as before, with the same replacement of numbers for letters, i.e. Quite simply, for every value of B that you bet, you will win A, plus the return of your stake. 91 for every 1 you bet, you will win 9. You can use our bet calculator to help you calculate winnings. Decimal Odds Versus Fractional Odds. In truth, one isn’t better than the other but there is certainly a trend emerging towards decimal odds.

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The word 'Spread' in Spread Betting refers to the difference between our selling price and our buying price. The smaller the spread, the more cost effective your trading. If you think the price of a market is going to go up, you would place a "Buy" bet, this is also known as going long’.

If you think the price of a market is going to go down you would place a "sell" bet, often described as going short’. This is the amount you want to bet for each point movement in your chosen market.

So how much money have you made? This is calculated by taking the difference between the price of the second closing trade and the price of the first opening trade.

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With moneyline bets, you can instantly calculate how much you’re going to get paid and lock in your bet to get that payout. American odds are preferred with many US bookmakers, although you can still find decimal point odds, and fractional odds if you want.

Examples of American odds, decimal odds, and fractional odds And there you have it the quick and easy guide to understanding sports betting odds with money lines, point spreads, overunder on favorites and underdogs.

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How to calculate margin How to calculate margin. Spread Betting is a simple, yet powerful way to trade the financial markets and offers you plenty of trading opportunities. You’ll have a wide variety of markets to choose from and can trade 24 hours a day on global markets.

It is very important that you understand exactly how to open your first Spread Betting position and exactly which options are available to you, as well as how to ensure the risk level you choose is right for your chosen strategy.

Our guide to Spread Betting will help you choose the right market for you, teach you how to identify th.

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Wider spreads can erode trading profits or magnify losses which is why narrow ones are often preferable. For the ease of calculation we have shown a spread of 10 and 20 pips, but easyMarkets offers spreads on EURUSD as low as pips, visit our spreads page to see the spreads for all of the instruments offered by easyMarkets.

EasyMarkets offers highly competitive fixed spreads across their tradeable instruments forex, commodities, metals, indices and cryptocurrencies. This ensures broker transparency without having to worry about additional costs from slippage. This way, you will also be able to calculate your potential risk and reward from the get-go since the price you click is the price you get. There are inherent risks to any investments you make.

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If you’re new to betting, you should learn how to calculate betting margins. This article explains what betting margins are, highlights why Pinnacle Sports offer the best value and teaches you how to calculate betting margins. In simple terms, bookmakers make a profit by accepting bets on a given market, and adjusting odds to attract bets in the right proportion to secure a profit regardless of the outcome.

This is achieved by offering odds that do not fairly represent the actual statistical probability of the event concerned true odds. The deviation of the odds offered from the true odds’.

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By using the trader's Forex calculator, you can examine up to 5 trades simultaneously. Calculate your trades now on announced.us. The trader's calculator is useful for novices and seasoned traders alike as it allows you to calculate all the important parameters of your trade such as the pip value, contract size, spread, swap, margin, commission, and potential profit.

Moreover, you can calculate up to 5 trades at once! Account settings Account type.

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Calculate bet returns for Accumulator, Lucky 15, Patent, Round Robin and 34 other bet types, with more settling options than any other online bet calculator. As well as calculating the return on your winning bets, the bet calculator can be used before you place your bet, to quickly compare how the return may be affected by different outcomes for each selection. For example, can you still make a profit if only two of your Lucky 15 selections win?

If you’re not sure which bet type to pick you can Compare Bet Types. This is an especially powerful tool when used in conjunction with the Maximum Total Stake setting, to equalise the stakes and ensure you stay within your spending limit.

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How to Calculate the Daily Range for Forex. May 11, by Adam posted in No Comments. Video Transcription When you calculate the daily range, of course price can go even further than the daily range meaning that let’s imagine that price makes this low, and then it retraces to these levels of previous support and resistance and then continues to the down side.

Meaning that the daily range has gone even larger.

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This ROI betting guide will teach you how to calculate Return on Investment and Yield, and how to use them to evaluate your betting strategy. What is a good Yield in Sports Betting? How to use Yield and ROI to monitor your betting strategy. How can I make in a month betting on football? Does anybody make a living with sports betting? Can you make a reasonable side income with sports betting? Some gambling sites limit the size of bets, especially for successful players, which is why we recommend spreading your large bets over various gambling sites.

What is the difference between Yield and ROI? Yield and ROI have a very similar formula.

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It's surprising at how many people make bets on horse races without the slightest understanding of the tote board. While all of those numbers on the board may seem imposing, the odds and payoffs are actually pretty easy to learn. And by doing so, you will be able to make and calculate better bets. To calculate the exact odds on your horse, just subtract the take from the total pool, then subtract the amount bet on your horse to give you the amount of cash to be paid out.

Divide that figure by the amount bet on your horse to get the exact odds. This figure will always be rounded off to the nearest dime usually or nickel, as mentioned previously, before the payoffs are calculated. Here is a simple example of win odds calculation.

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A spread bet on a stock index simply tracks the price of the underlying index and calculates its spread based on the factors mentioned above. Why do spreads widen sometimes? During illiquid market conditions or high-impact news, the balance between buyers and sellers for a financial instrument can be severely disrupted.

Buyers may not be willing to buy at the previous bid price as they may consider it as too high after a news release for example, which in turn pushes the bid price down. Now, add to this the broker’s profit margin, and you’ll get the formula of how spread betting platforms determine the spread on different stocks indices.

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After reading this post, you will see that it is not as complicated as you thought. One of the purposes of odds in sports betting is to show how likely a particular outcome is to occur. If the outcome is very likely to happen, the odds are as low as they can be, and vice versa. Hence, if you are betting on a team that has bigger chances of winning than the other one, and they win, you will gain a very small profit, as opposed to what you could get if you bet on the team which is less likely to win.

For a novice, fractional odds may be a little tricky, especially when it comes to calculating one’s potential profits. For your peace of mind, we shall say that the format is not as complicated as it appears to be.

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How do you calculate a betting reverse forecast? I'm not too sure what you mean, I'm assuming your talking about returns on a straight forecast bet? There is no price given for a forecast, you can choose to take a showcast price but then that's a sc bet not a fc.

Forecast dividendsreturns are determined after the result is known. If the return for T1 T4 is then this means you get for every pound you staked.

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announced.us explains how spread betting works with a few examples and the best bookmakers offering this kind of bet. That way you can stake at the correct level and know your maximum loss, to calculate your stake let’s look at this example You think there will be a few goals in this game but you don’t want to risk any more than You know as a buyer of total goals that is your worst case scenario so if you divide your max risk 30 by your buy price, lets round it down to.

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Financial spread betting is the tax-free way for UK and Ireland residents to take advantage of rising and falling markets without having to buy an asset from the underlying market. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Here's how to calculate those two critical numbers. Once you have the odds and the implied odds, you need to calculate your equity in the pot and then compare the two to see what the correct play is in each situation. Pot odds refers to the relationship between the size of the pot and the size of the bet. For example If there's 10 in the pot and you have to call a 2 bet, then you are getting pot odds of For example, in Limit Hold'em your opponent bets 20 into an 80 pot and your call gives you pot odds of you're risking 20 to win.

But, if you expect your opponent to call a bet or raise on the river if you make your hand, your implied odds are or A Simple Rule of Thumb for Hold'em and Omaha.

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Find out how spread betting works with the UK's number one provider. At Spreadex, we aim to make spread betting simple, fun and easily accessible for both the dedicated gambler as well as those who just want to have the occasional flutter. Our short video below gives a visual example of the workings of sports spread betting. Alternatively, read on for a written explanation. Sign up to our sports spread betting email newsletter.

Enter your email address below, to receive updates from Spreadex.

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Guide to Spread Betting Part One How to get a 92 payout from a 56 shot Are you interested in boosting your profits? Building in a safety net My advice would be to calculate a worst case scenario before choosing your stake.

For example, let s again look at Man Utd v Blackburn Imagine they were playing again tomorrow. Same teams, same ground, same conditions. You re looking to bet on the Total Goals market and the spread is If you fancy that another goal-feast is on the cards and BUY bet The worst case scenario is a draw as this would cost you times your stake Calculation The difference between the BUY price and the Result x your stake. So if you chose to for stakes of 1 - you would have.

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How to calculate winning percentage with ties? If on the other hand, you want to include ties into the whole calculation, the formula gets a bit more complicated. It is usually assumed that a tie is worth the same as 12 of a win. In such a case, you can calculate the percentage in the following way winning percentage wins + ties games. For this equation, the number of games is the sum of win, loss, and tie results on the team's record.

Instead of calculating the win percentage, you should use our odds calculator to determine the chances you have when betting on them.

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Odds Shark’s sports betting odds calculator is a great tool for your handicapping arsenal. Find out what you’d win based on the odds and amount wagered. How to Use an Odds Calculator. No matter the type of bet you’re making, our calculator has you covered. First, you’ll need to enter your odds. The calculator offers four options American, Decimal, Fractional 15 and Implied. The majority of betting sites offer each odds type, so it’s up to you to decide which you like best.

Here at Odds Shark, we use the American style. Totals, Point Spreads and Prop Odds. Besides SU bets, you can use our calculator tool for other gambling options. Totals bets will be listed like this at the sportsbook.

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